< Internet Web Services >

We integrate the latest in Internet design tools and features including: HTML, CGI, FLASH, JAVA, ASP, animations, background music, video clips, interactive forms, databases, and original graphics design to build sites with maximum impact and quality. 

Each of our projects comes with custom graphics and free scanning. Our designs will reflect your business identity and advertising materials. We will also fine tune your web site to download fast and be compatible with all the major browsers.

Our on-site consultants will work closely with you and ensure your satisfaction. Current design time is about 2 weeks from the day you provide us with all the necessary information and material, and about 3 weeks for E-commerce, database enhanced website.

We will build your web site with immediate functionality and future flexibility. We also provide periodical maintenance such as: updates, additions & re-design.

Our Web services includes: Scanning, Design, Layout, Programming, etc.

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< Video Production >

At the current time if a small/medium size company invest in a Broadcast  Commercial, Training or Corporate Video, the cost to obtain these services will range from  $20,000 to $1,000,000. Utilizing the latest technologies in Digital Video Production and the team of Web Enterprises, you can get the same, if not more for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing Broadcast Quality or Production Value. If you, or your Company is considering about making a Commercial, Training or Corporate Video, please contact us to set up a (no charge) consultation at your location.

Our Prices are competitive, ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. Our turnaround time for video based production is between 2 weeks to 2 months.


< Advertising Campaign >

Your business web presence may be the first impression a client may see. The question is how do you want that first encounter to be perceived? We have a wide range of advertising campaign from Portals (, Search engines, Banners, Links, Posters, Buses, TVs, Radios, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.
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< Catalog Database >

oday, just about every business on the web doesn't want to just tell users about the product they sell, they want to sell them! Our advanced shopping cart module allows them to do that.

Unlike complicated proprietary e-commerce solutions like iCat or ShopSite, our product is easy to set up and use. It works with all standard web servers, and doesn't require the installation or reconfiguration of your critical network setup. Plus, it's far less expensive than other options.

Like all of our products, the shopping cart is widely capable, handling the entire purchase process from start to finish. Included is a web-based administration page that lets you add, delete, and edit products. It can interface with all the major credit card processing houses as well as linking to your existing web site (at an additional cost).


< E-commerce Publishing System >

If you've ever had a client request text changes again and again, this product's for you. It allows anyone to edit content on a site via a web-based interface to change values and text throughout the site. In short, it gives your clients control over the content of their web site.

Unlike similar tools that perform allow dynamic publishing, our application limits the clients' control to only what you allow, such as text, and they don't have to know any HTML. This way, they don't pose a security threat to the web site as a whole. Also, while other tools create the web pages on the fly, requiring valuable processor time, ours actually re-creates all of the pages once the content's been updated. So it doesn't compromise speed for convenience.

We are currently expending, if you are interested in web design and computer networking, please email your resume to, or fax it to 626-789-8909 attn: Alex

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